Our cacaos

Most of the cacao we source comes from smallholder farmers, committed to preserving indigenous cacao varieties and experimenting with different processes. Working in harmony with nature and respect for people and the environment is one of our shared values. Some cacaos are organic, some have won prizes and some were processed exclusively for Silva.

Discover what makes our cacao special

Plantation cacao

Exceptional cacao with a unique sensory experience from 1 single farm, and a careful physical selection.


Special selection

Exceptional cacao with a unique sensory experience from a group of farmers, traceable up to farm level, and a careful physical selection.


Regional cacao

A signature cacao with a consistent flavour profile, traceable up to regional level.


Cacao products

Natural and deodorized cacao butter, cacao powder, cacao nibs and cacao mass.



We are a passionate team providing unique cacao qualities and tailored solutions. To us, this is the basis of a genuine and strong partnership together. Strong partnerships do not exist without mutual respect and trust. Our partner farmers respect and trust us for creating stability and thinking long term and our customers trust our quality selections.

To build meaningful chocolate partnerships together, we first need to get to know each other. Tell us who you are, what you are looking for and we will start from there. 

Reach out to our cacao experts:

Katrien Delaet

– Katrien is a cacao and chocolate lover, and the driving force behind Silva. She
holds a master degree in bio-science engineering and economics, and has over 14 years of experience in coffee and cacao sourcing, logistics, quality and
sustainability. It’s her quest to put a smile on the faces of farmers, chocolatemakers, and consumers.

Jeannette van Bodegraven

– After living over 15 years in different countries in South America and Africa, Jeannette landed in
Belgium. Marketing of sustainable and fair cacao, adding value to the supply chain and building transparent partnerships with dedicated chocolate makers are the ingredients of Jeannette’s work at Silva. She could not be happier!

Alix Van Bruggen

– Having lived in South America and South Africa, Alix knew she wanted to work in an international environment. Equally important was to promote and sell a product that she could put her heart and soul into while having a positive impact on society. Silva clearly ticks all these boxes.

Michiel Meersman

– Michiel has a bachelor in maritime and logistics management. Since 2005 he gained experienced in warehousing, import & export of coffee and cacao. At Silva Michiel provides you with tailored logistic solutions, with care and passion. The care that our specialty cacao deserves.