Announcement EFICO Group / CUPRIMA Coffee

Dear valued partners, dear coffee friends.

We are proud to announce you that a brand new specialty coffee division is born within the EFICO Group: CUPRIMA Coffee

CUPRIMA is a complementary business unit and additional response of EFICO to the growing need to promote flavor and origin diversity, to share the amazing work of coffee farmers, and foster stable and sustainable supply chains that make sense in today's challenging environment

A dedicated CUPRIMA team of coffee experts and Q graders will take care of the selection sourcing. logistics and sales of specialty coffee. Cup-A-Lot, a Belgian company solely dedicated to specialty coffee, feels the match and joins our team Together we select outstanding coffee qualities, directly sourced and fully traceable down to farm plot level. while building win-win partnerships and connecting farmers and craft coffee roasters

Since 1926 EFICO is a green coffee specialist with a strong social and environmental commitment The EFICO FOUNDATION, founded in 2003, reflects our dedication to positively impact our coffee farmor partners livelihoods, prosperity and environment EFICO is different in its kind. We clearly choose to build strong and long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers based on mutual trust and respect. By confiding in everyone's role and responsibility within the coffee supply chain, we can thrive towards excellence and create an increased value for all partners

With the CUPRIMA range of distinctive coffees, we will be able to supply outstanding

specialty beans with unique identities tailored to your needs, while staying faithful to our people focus and values of transparency and meaningful partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative to learn more about CUPRIMA Coffee and discover our special selection CUPRIMA exclusive coffees will be stored at SEABRIDGE, our climate controlled highend and sustainable coffee storage facility in Belgium. Our SCA Certified (Q grading) training

campus at SEABRIDGE will continue to offer an extended training program on specialty


We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with you on the future of qualitative and sustainable coffee, sharing our mutual knowledge and passion for coffee, valuing all people on the journey behind

Thank you for your trust in our team!

Michel Cermanes.
Managing Director EFICO Group