Silva’s work

Silva Cacao is premium, fair and sustainable cacao with a unique flavor profile and an exclusive story on where, how and by whom it is produced. Our beans are linked to their origins, quality and farmers.


With excellent cacao and tailored solutions, we can change the world together. Share the story behind your chocolate with your clients and make a difference by sourcing cacao with an identity.


Silva travels to unique places on earth to carefully select premium cacao from an exclusive terroir.


We use all our senses to grade and evaluate the unique flavour profile, based on the international protocol for fine cacao, established by FCCI and ISCQF.


We invest time, money and energy in our cacao-producing partners, their plantations, training and supporting farmers in quality control, prefinancing, forest conservation and education.

Genuine partnerships

We build stable partnerships with our cacao partners based on mutual respect and trust, through working in an authentic and transparent way.

Premium prices

We close contracts based on direct price agreements, regardless of the international market. We offer premiums for quality, to ensure that our partners earn an income to feed their families and send their children to school.

Measure impact

We continuously assess our promises on flavour, forest, farmers and the future and share our results with clients and partners.


We handle transport and store cacao beans with the care and attention premium cacao deserves.

Supply to chocolatemakers

We connect amazing cacao producers with passionate chocolate makers.


We share the unique story of each cacao with an identity: a story about quality, people, their environment and their dreams.