How we work

As a specialty cacao importer, we dedicate a lot of time in sourcing the highest quality of cacao beans in the world, through intense collaborations with our partners and fermentation experts. Climate conditions in combination with genetic diversity, controlled harvesting, strict fermentation and drying protocols and proper care in every step of the supply chain results in distinctive and unique flavour profiles. We invest a lot of time in training, testing, tasting and calibrating to define which quality profiles will make the difference for flavour, forests, farmers and the future.

Cacao Sourcing

Quality is always the starting point of what we do. We source a variety of unique cocoa beans based on their sensorial complexity, traceability and physical characteristcis.  But we go much further: we travel to the cacao origins for sourcing specialty beans, control quality, understand the context of each region and share the identity of the cacao beans. We build meaningful partnerships with our partner farmers based on respect, trust and working transparently. With our sourcing partners in Central America, we have a presence in the field all year long.


Cacao logistics

More than sourcing we also take care of the logistics from the farm to our customer’s door, including quality control, transport, storage, financing and insurance. This is not the most visible side of our business but full control of the supply chain is key to maintain high quality and provide you with tailored services.


Last but not least, we put in a lot of effort to find the best home for our beans. We love to support chocolate makers in finding the cacao that is right for them, fitting their expectations and needs. Our expertise as cacao professionals will always be at the service of our customers to help them with their projects and recipes. Sharing the identity of each cacao bean supports us to grow specialty cacao and chocolate together